Our New Blog


This is the new Theological Tea Party Blog. We have the potential to make this a valuable extension of our Sunday night dialogue. In addition to keeping a record, we have a central place to direct people to for sharing our opinions. A few operational topics I’d like to hear your thoughts on:

1. http://www.theophilacs.com
Is now active. The old url (theophiliacs.wordpress.com) will still redirect to the blog but now we have a proper domain name.

2. Names and Pictures
The box on the right features all of us who contribute to the blog regularly. The order was determined chronologically by how you joined the site. If someone clicks on your name, it brings them to all the posts that you’ve put up. (This way, if you wanted, you could direct someone to just your own posts by sending them the appropriate link.)

In my opinion, I think some sort of uniform system in how we post our names is more professional and appealing to a reader (i.e. all first names, all initials and last names, all nicknames that we come up with individually). What’s your opinion on this? I’m happy with whatever we decide on but I think some uniformity is desirable.

3. The About Us page.
Shoe has written an About Us page. It’s funny and punchy but not terribly informative about what we’re doing. (You can find it if you click on the “more” button in the top right corner.) I’m fine with this but I’d like to hear your ideas. How do you feel about this? Do you have any thing we should add?

4. Outside Users
I’ve just kind of assumed that since we’re putting our opinions up on the web, we’re ok with strangers reading our posts. Part of the appeal of this site is being able to share our views. Is everyone ok with us inviting our friends to view and comment on what they see on this site?

5. Site Design
I don’t know a lot about CSS so at the moment we’re still limited to the default wordpress themes. I might be experimenting with new looks in the coming days so I’d like to know what you think.

6. Links
I’m going to add a links box on the right. Post some sites and blogs you think would be beneficial to link to on our blog. 

That’s all. Please respond in the comments section below and remember that this site is only useful to us if we are diligent in filling it with content. I believe that if we keep it updated with new posts and comments, we’ll find it to be an invaluable tool.



  1. Dan forgot to log out of his WordPress account and I published the post “On Christian Identity” under his name and I want it to show up under mine! How could this be accomplished?


  2. I have found the NT Wright page to be very helpful
    An academic resource would be http://www.zhubert.com
    http://www.opensourcetheology.net is a spectacular site for theological conversation.
    http://www.earlychristianwritings.com contains….early christian writings
    http://www.theanglicanscotist.blogspot.com is a blog by an Episcopalian Professor of Philosophy. He has a ‘liberal’ position on many things and writes with sharp accuracy, still he maintains his orthodoxy.
    http://www-user.uni-bremen.de/~wie/ww_tc.html and http://www.evangelicaltextualcriticism.blogspot.com are superb resources for texts and the art of text criticism, the later including our own Amy Anderson as a contributer.
    http://www.ntgateway.com is incredibly useful
    http://www.emergentvillage.com is great for connecting with other like minded post evangelicals
    http://www.newpantagruel.com/ is an online post-liberal theological journal which includes, besides theology, poetry and short stories.
    http://conflictecclesiology.blogspot.com/ is cool
    http://www.peter-ould.net/ is the musings of a Church of England priest who has very interesting posts on homosexuality as he considers himself “post-gay”, that is he ‘was’ a practicing homosexual. He also writes on other things as well
    http://faith-theology.blogspot.com/ is pretty self explanatory
    There are undoubtedly more out there but these are a few I know and use. Check em out, we don’t have to post all of ’em, or any of them for that matter.


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