The Status of Our Sustenance Topic

Um … yeah. So since I have talked to a few of you who feel that the subject of sustenance will not go anywhere. And we have waited a week for Josh, Dave, Marquel and Chris to post their view on the subject with no luck. I say it is high time to move to a new topic.

I have a couple ideas but I would also like to hear a couple of yours first before we choose one.

In case anyone is interested, Alicia and I are moving in a couple of weeks to our new house. I would enjoy seeing you there whenever you have some free time.



  1. I don’t have a specific topic that I would like to talk about. However, I think that it would lend itself better to full participation if our next topic came out of our Sunday meetings. It is very hard to define a proposed topic through this blog, see the over clarification required on the last topic. Furthermore, it doesn’t give everyone enough direction to really grapple with the topic. I think that this blog should be more of an outcome of our meetings instead of trying to replace them. That being said neither this blog nor our meetings will work if people are consistently participating. When we have a meeting it would be nice if there was consistently more than three of us that showed up. Concurrently, when a topic is discussed on this forum it would be nice if everyone participated by not only posting their own ideas but also responding to others. Anyways that is where I am at, I don’t know about everyone else.


  2. I’m just curious: Is the main purpose of this blog to discuss a singular issue. I was under the assumption that it was a place where we could all just post things we have written and then comment and critique as desired. I have no issue if it is a singular topic blog; I was probably just confused.


  3. Ideally, yes Josh we would stay around a core subject that we could all present and comment upon. This way a great deal of partnership and ownership could go into each subject we address. However, it seems clear that either due to time, lack of interest or boredom we haven’t been making much headway in that realm.

    I agree with Jeremy though. This website should not replace our sundays it should only enhance them. I would love to hear if you are still committed to coming to the group, if not I think this website will serve no purpose to you.


  4. The purpose of this website is to be used.

    Too many rules makes it sit empty like it has for the last few weeks. Write whatever you want. Those who want to comment can do so.

    I don’t think there is any danger of this blog replacing actual, real life conversation (is that even possible?). It’s just one more place that we can use to discuss our thoughts.

    Let’s not squelch our thoughts. We all have different areas we want to write and think about. What’s the harm of having multiple conversations at once?


  5. Not sure if this is a veiled cry for help or what, but check our “About Us” site for our contact information if you want to email one of us.


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