More Proof that Fundamentalists do not Read their Bibles

In light of the fact that I have heard the word “Anti-christ” thrown around to describe our new President Elect, I think it would be appropriate to point out that αντιχριστος is only found in 1 John four times, and II John once. It is in reference to people already existing and teaching, that is to say it has nothing to do with a one future person; and that it is referring to those who “deny that Jesus has come in the flesh;” that is to say “Docetists” or some other early heresy.

If one wants to piece together a hodgepodge of texts from Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Jeremiah, the Gospels, Thesselonians, Jude, I, II Peter, I, II John, and Revelation to imply there is such a thing as an “antiChrist” and that Barack Obama is that person, then they are welcome to do it. They just need to keep in mind that they are heretics.


  1. I have this conversation at least weekly with my students. Today I told one class that Tim LaHaye’s Left Behind Series are not only heretical, but also of no literary value whatsoever. The question that launched me on the path to such an outburst was, “Is Barack Obama the anti-christ?”


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