India Pale Ales

What are some of your favorites?



  1. Bells Two Hearted

    New Glarus Hop Hearty

    Rogue Imperial IPA

    Surly Furious

    Town Hall Brewery Masama Mama IPA on “pull”

    Breckenridge 471 Double IPA

    Summit IPA


  2. Just to reiterate my response over on my blog (to a d hunt, et al) I’m still reading this blog and just don’t have much time to post responses. And I’m still planning to get back on the horse with my blogs, many in the works, just not a lot of time with the new baby girl.

    You guys keep it up, though, it’s always great to see what you all are up to and talking about.



  3. Oh, and I second Bell’s Two Hearted and Surly Furious.

    You know I can’t find Surly out here at all. Sad…

    But then again, they have this Arrogant Bastard brew that’s to die for.


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