A Great Post… Somewhere Else

I stumbled on this post while perusing our new membership on ccblogs:

“Religions also seek reality and truth, though in very old ways. That’s hard for modern people to deal with. But religion is a very old thing. Very very very old. Its origins are impossible to trace, lost as they are in the mists of human history. Participating in an ancient religion is like handling a valuable antique, or dealing with a fragile culture, or looking with wonder through a telescope back into the past at a new-born nebula, which is in the present moment an aging star, if you could see the present moment. Each of these require an artistic sense of standing outside of time and participating in reality while understanding that reality is always beyond us.  

Some would drag religion, kicking and screaming, into a modern worldview. Where is their respect for their elders? They do great damage to our faith. They treat faith like science and end up with neither faith nor science. They end up angry at the modern world and convinced the earth is only 4000 years old. Why stop there? Why not claim the sky is a dome only a few hundred miles above us? Why not build a tower and try to reach it?”

– Gordon Atkinson on Real Live Preacher Blog [Read the full post]


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