Best Albums of 2008 – II

Former North Central University grad, Jeremy Messersmith released his second record “The Silver City”  The album is about the Twin Cities and how awesome and melancholy life is here in the Paris of the Midwest.  We kick Chicago’s butt!  Jeremy is one of the better songwriters I have heard in quite some time.  His light and airy vocals drift over elegant folk-pop.  His first album “The Alcatraz Kid” is also worth every cent.



  1. Alan’s Top 5:
    1. Radiohead-In Rainbows(official release date was Jan 1st, though it was available in 2007).
    2. Sigur Ros- Med sud i eyrum vid spilum endalaust
    3. The Fleet Foxes-The Fleet Foxes
    4. Wolf Parade- At Mount Zoomer
    5. Tokyo Police Club- Elephant Shell
    6. (Disregarding In Rainbows) Bon Iver- For Emma, Forever Ago.
    This is a hastily thought of draft, which seems fairly unoriginal. I might amend it late. Then again, I might not.


  2. We have two in common which I am yet to reveal. Although I didn’t think In Rainbows was this year, but you are right, that really deserves to be in.


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