The Gloves Are Off: The Rick Warren Controversy

Tony Sig
I do not make it a custom to use this blog for a full-on rant. We try to begin a discussion and allow it to develop with vigur and graciousness. But I have simply heard/read/watched too many secular news stations putting in their two, or rather twenty, cents in on an apparent Rick Warren controversy.

First off, I do not give a damn what you think the Bible says.  You do not know the Bible, you have not read the Bible, and I don’t ever want to hear you use the word Hermeneutic or Ancient Custom or whatever.  We all know that you have just found whatever popular essay by a Bible scholar you could find which supported your views.  It’s not that there aren’t some solid revisionist readings on homosexuality…there are some; and we need revisionist readings just like we need feminist readings.  But even the revisionists work off of other points of view, which you do not do.  You have the luxury of not doing thorough research, of not footnoting, of not knowing the original languages or having any background in Ancient Near Eastern cultures.  So save us all from your profound theological ramblings and keep it to yourselves.  I would much rather have a heated discussion with a liberal Presbyterian than a spin machine cable show with air time to burn.

Second, Rick Warren has done more to raise awareness on AIDS, on Global Poverty, on excessive consumerism than almost any other mainstream Evangelical pastor that I can think of.  I don’t agree with him on everything, but thank God that Rick Warren is gaining influence and people like James Dobson are losing it.  Pastor Warren gives at least 90% of his earnings away, how much do you give, judemental-thought-police?  That’s what I thought.  Pastor Warren is more gracious to people with even radically differing views than most Pastors I know of and his example is profound for Evangelicals; hell it’s profound for the far Left!  Look at what Melissa Ethridge and Rick Warren just did…are those the actions of a hate mongerer and homophobe?

And lastly, how could you possibly be so upset at President Elect Obama for doing what he promised to do?!  There is only one United States of America, and I don’t want it to keep fiercely divided; apparently you do, but that’s not why Ivoted for Obama.

So why don’t you make like Melissa Ethridge and stretch a hand?  Or at least shut your mouth



  1. Amen.

    At one point in my life I thought Academics were devilishly self-promoting. Then I watched CNN and met the folks who were really experts on everything.


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