My Last Week of 2008

Tony SigOne really nifty thing happened this last week.  Theophiliacs entered into the bloodstream of the Christian Century blog network.  We have already seen an increase in traffic, and some fine comments.  I have found several blogs that I am really excited to be involved with and I only hope that those who stumble on us here will engage us with intensity.

Conversely – and I hope to turn this into a longer reflective post soon – having been in California to visit my inlaws for “christmas” I was unable (not by any choice of mine) to fit in a visit to (any) church for Christmas.  The Christ was truly taken out of my “mas” and I am really quite sad about it.  Especially since this is the first Advent and Christmas where I have been Anglican, and so, even though I participated at home in the four weeks of Advent, I missed out on the Consummation; which is really gnawing at me.

Special thanks to George P Wood for his engagement with us all this year!  Keep it coming, I need the brain exercise.

Make sure to listen to my favorite “New Year’s” tune, by Death Cab for Cutie off of their spectacular album “Transatlanticism.”

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