Calvinist Contradiction

Tony SigI am not a Calvinist.  I don’t claim to be “Arminian,” or even “Open Theist,” but that’s only because of a proclivity to reject “labels;”  I’m so punk rock.  I thought this worth a laugh . . . I had emailed another Anglican whose blog I found who said that he had left the AG, so I mailed him a hello.  Well, one thing led to another and he called me a heretic because I was not a Calvinist.  He said this:

“If you want to continue on in your unbelief, then that’s fine.  It’s your decision.”

If he was a true Calvinist then he would have said:

“If your unbelief persists then know that God has chosen you for wrath, it is NOT your decision.”

I can only conclude, given the logic of his statement, that he is not a Calvinist, in which case he is a heretic, and we are both bound for wrath to the glory of God.  Amen!



  1. Tony,

    Not to be picky, but Armenian is an ethnic group/nationality. Arminian is a theological position. I’m not sure I’m Arminian or Calvinist, but I kind of like the Open Theist position. I’m open to the idea that the future isn’t known or fixed by God. Makes more sense of reality!

    Of course, Moltmann has that sensibility!


  2. You keep me honest Bob. I myself am drawn heavily to Open Theism. It’s just that when one finally identifies with a theology/movement/etc… one is then pigeonholed and summed up in a label.

    But yeah, open theism is pretty convincing.


  3. Here’s my problem with Calvinism, at a philosophical level. (Interpretation of specific biblical texts is another matter entirely.) According to Calvinists, God can save everyone, but chooses not to. According to Arminians, God chooses to save everyone, but cannot because some freely reject him. That leaves us with the choice between a God of absolute power and limited love and a God of limited power but absolute love. Which God seems more worthy of worship?


  4. Here is an easy solution, God doesn’t damn anyone to hell becuase such a place does not exist. With no hell there is no problem. God’s love is limitless as well as his power. So he will reconcile everyone to himself, whether now or in the afterlife. A bit presumptuous I know, but aren’t all of these arguments?:)


  5. I did (in tongues) and he said he already came up with that solution. He said something about “being compassionate as God is compassionate” and “it is not God’s desire that anyone should perish”. So don’t worry George my position is already Jesus approved. Hooray the problem is solved.


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