The End Times Are Near!

“In the last days there will be many false craft beers; if any say to you “Look, there is a craft beer!” or “Here it is!” do not believe them.  For many false beers will appear and will do many signs and wonders to decieve the elect.  And when you see the abomination which causes desolation (read – Budweiser “american ale”) as Daniel spoke of, run to the hills, for the end is near” Matthew 24 – The Message



  1. I would certainly have to agree about the Trappists. I have decided to go home and have a bottle of Chimay for the greater glory of God.


  2. Red, White or Blue? As will become apparent in my next post I tend to gravitate towards beers of the United Kingdom, Belgians can sometimes be a bit too yeasty for me. But there are a couple Belgians which will make the cut.


  3. I prefer the Red label. Have never tried the White, though. Since it’s somewhat expensive, I usually stick with the one I love. I also enjoy beers from the UK, but there is something about drinking beer made by monks. There is a Benedictine monastery north of here that brews a quite spectacular ale, the bottle reads: Monk’s Ale, made with care and prayer.


  4. Chad, I most certainly am a hop-head, though I prefer Midwest ales. My favorite west coast beers are from Rogue, mostly because we don’t have a lot of western ales up here in MN.


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