Virtues and Vices For The Theological Student

From Ben Myers blog:

Two lists, one satirical and one pastoral.

I couldn’t laugh, it cut me a little too deep. I wasn’t ready to be challenged at such a personal level this morning. Excerpts:


“2. At the earliest possible opportunity you should also form an opinion about your favourite theological discipline: that is, you should choose your specialisation. To communicate this choice to others, you should dismiss as trivial or irrelevant all other disciplines: the systematic theologian should teach herself to utter humorous remarks about the worth of “practical” theology, while the New Testament student should learn to hold forth emphatically on the dangers of systematic theology; and so on.”


“6. Theological formation should be driven by a love for truth, not by animosity towards untruth. Truthful theology always involves polemics – but since truth takes form as love, it can never be used as a weapon to wound another person. Where this occurs, truth becomes a falsehood.”


  1. Thanks Reed,
    that made me laugh alot. It is so true of all of you. I continually thank God that I am not susceptible to the incessant postulating of my peers on this blog.;)


  2. I know! The perfect arch and isle in the middle; the shiny wood, the cut stone; and the ladders. O the ladders!


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