Radiohead Got Ripped Off!

Tony Sig

Radiohead – 15 Stepclick to watch
by Alisvideo
Now a real rock star doesn’t care if they get Grammy’s, they just want to rock and stick it to the man.  And Thom Yorke is a king of rock stars, so I’m sure he doesn’t give a flying crap that Radiohead’s “In Rainbows” got passed over for Album of the Year.  But I care.
So what if the winner includes an ex-Zepplin player?!  They had one song that got played loosely on the radio, the album as a whole was rather boring.  It certainly pales in comparison to yet another brilliant album by the most creative band (dare I say it?) of all time.
Watch the video of 15 Steps above performed with a massive brass and percussion band and tell me that Radiohead is not proof that God has given inspired music as a medium to tell of His glorious truth.
Repent Grammys, the end is nye!


  1. SO TRUE!

    but grammy’s are lame. They have an award for album packaging. That isn’t music.

    I didn’t know how much i loved this blog until now. Radio-head is my favorite band ever. No one comes close for me.


  2. I second, the Grammy’s are lame.

    Coldplay’s “Viva la Vida” won song of the year, even though the riff was totally ripped off from a 2004 Joe Satrianni song.

    See Link:

    If they can get song of the year with a melody they didn’t even write, well, real artists like Thom Yorke shouldn’t feel to put off.

    Music is a business driven by sales, and In Rainbows was available as a free download. That’s why they didn’t win. Because the labels didn’t make enough dough off of them.


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