What I’m Reading Now

“The ‘shape’ of Christian faith is the anchoring of our confidence beyond what we do or posses, in the reality of a God who freely gives to those needy enough to ask; a life lived ‘away’ from a centre in our own innate resourcefulness or meaningfulness, and so a life equipped for question and provisionality in respect of all our moral or spiritual achievement:  a life of repentence in hope.

Nothing is more promising and nothing more difficult.  That the Church repeatedly seeks to secure a faith that is not vulnerable to judgement and to put cross and conversion behind it is manifest in every century of Christian history.  But in doing so, it cuts itself off from the gift that lies beyond the void of the cross, and imprisons itself in the kind of self-understanding it can master or control.

Rowan Williams: “On Christian Theology” p83



  1. Ah, another budding Rowanian. You can do lot worse. He can sometimes be tough going. He is at times obscure, at times painfully precise. And he can be very discomforing in his refusal to allow for any spiritual or theological complacency.

    I am glad to have him as the public face of our tradition at present.


  2. Before I started reading him I was “told” he was a “liberal catholic.” Since reading a ton of his stuff I thought, I’ve never heard conservatives talk about judgement so much!

    I find I agree with the Archbishop a lot. Just as much as bishop Wright, who I adore.


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