Just a reminder. . .

Tony Sig

I’m still a ‘kid’

That is, I have had absolutely no theological training whatsoever.  So most of the time I talk I am talking as one who is makin’ stuff up on the fly.  I was reading through all our posts from the beginning of the blog and I feel that I’ve sometimes gotten progressively more serious.  I’m not a fan.  I want to return to being creative, whimsical and satirical once again.

Let’s let blog posts be blog posts and not dissertations.  I will still try to be thorough and argue articulately, but I’m not trying to develop a system or defend dogma.  I still expect the same level of discourse and challenge from fellow contributers and commentators, but let’s not expect too much from a bunch of kids who like to talk, drink and smoke.  I’m just trying to write some ad hoc theology that meets challenges that the Church faces in our context.

Sorry for being an ass sometimes


p.s. Jen and I are having our second daughter, Marguerite (Margot) Beatrice Hunt on Friday morning, pray that all goes swimmingly!



  1. Tony,

    I think every Christian I have ever talked to is just as capable of “doing theology” as any seminarian out there. Please don’t lapse into some kind of despondency because you feel beat up by people with theology degrees (or analytical philosophy degrees for that matter).

    Being a scholar or academic means you are supposed to have immediate access to large resources of information and the skill to manipulate it. It doesn’t mean that you are any more/less capable of understanding Scripture, arguing theology, or pursuing truth. Look at C.S. Lewis, I was always annoyed at his self-deprecating tone when it came to theological writing. However, the more academically trained I became in theology; I began to see that he was right in making the caveat. He wasn’t a theologian. But he sure did a sight better at conveying the mysteries and eternal truths of faith than most of the theologians that he shared offices with at Oxford. So, please, don’t ditch your efforts just yet.
    As for being an ass, well – let he who has not sinned cast the first stone (even though that story probably isn’t Scripture, inspired or otherwise). :0)

    I will be praying for your family.




  2. Congrats Tony. I will say a prayer for the your daughter’s grand entrance into the world.


  3. Congratulations…after having difficulty connecting with the Creator on emotional level, he gave me children bridge that chasm…so I relish others’ joy in welcoming a new continuation of life.

    I agree with Shawn, by the way, and have enjoyed the serious posts. Part of being a kid is not accepting “because I told you so,” as an answer.



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