Welcome New Contributor Shawn Wamsley!

Shawn Shawn Wamsley is the “old guy” of the group at 31 and has earned B.A., M.A., and M.Div. degrees. He lives near Albuquerque, NM with his wife and three children where he teaches doctrine and biblical interpretation. His interests include writing (trying to finish a novel), philosophy (amateur), video games, and theology. [email Shawn]


  1. Welcome Shawn. Full Disclosure: Shawn is my brother-in-law, so I will frequently call him many nasty names, but get super-pissed if anyone else does.


  2. Welcome. I feel the circle of ex-AG Episcopalians is nearing completion. I can only think of a few others I know personally (and one will likely swim the Tiber and the other transfer to the UMC)


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