Christmas Came Early

I recently stumbled upon a problem.  I would like some more books, but I don’t have money to buy them.  As this blog is frequented by a fair number of educated pastors and laypeople, and since I can always review books, I threw in a couple requests to my favorite publishers to see if I could get my hands on some review books.

Low and behold, I looked at my front porch today, and found that Routledge Publishers had sent me a book.  With another soon to come!

It’s like if you really loved chocolate, and someone decided to send you a box of fine Swiss delicacies for free, the only string being that you had to tell everyone how good the chocolate was.  What a day.

So, after I read through the Routledge Introduction to Radical Orthodoxy, and its accompanying Reader, I will give a thorough review.  I will even compare it to the Baker Academic Intro by James K A Smith, which I have already read.

Thank you Chelsee Pengal from Routledge, I look forward to reviewing the books.


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