What the Frack?

Tony SigI got home from school today and had received in the mail a fancy little paper booklet.  It was professional looking yet casual.  On the cover it read “Overcome: Brighter Days are Ahead”

Turning the page there is more hip design; a drawn picture of a car whose nose is stuck in a snow drift and an invitation to “Overcome…the ‘Barrier’ ” followed by a series of questions:

  • “What is it that’s holding me back?”
  • “Is there a nagging feeling that you just can’t overcome?  It’s like your wheels are turning, but the reality is – it feels like you’re not going anywhere.  You may be stressed.  Frustrated with yourself.  And crabby.
  • “Is there Hope?”

On the next page we are urged to “Overcome…the ‘Mirror:’ This is not who I was supposed to be.”

  • Did you once have high hopes about how you were going to turn out?  The career.  The marriage.  The body.  Your outlook on life.  You see your reflection staring back and wonder, “What Happened to Me?”
  • “Is this really me?”

Also, I guess, we are supposed to overcome “The Comparison”

  • I’ve gotta have MORE and do MORE.”
  • Where did that feeling of contentment go?  The desire to matter, to leave your mark.  Now, it’s not enough.  You want more.  The house isn’t big enough.  The car isn’t nice enough.  Other people seem to be living the dream…
  • “Why Can’t I?”

Well if I or you are suffering from such upper-middle-class maladies and live in the Twin Cities you can “Overcome whatever it is that holds you back in life” at one of Three convenient locations where you are all going to hear the same rock-star message from “Mr. Important” who, having invested massive amounts of money, is able to transmit his message live to video screens at whatever other two locations do not have him.

Apparently “Bible Based” churches are excused from such blatant christ-less/gospel-less pointless dribble.  But what rubs me raw is that it’s the same that get all heated up on Mainline churches “abandoning the Gospel” – what with they gays and all.  I’m so glad that “Bible Based” churches have no problems with not preaching the Gospel.

No thanks EagleBrook in three convenient locations.  I’ve already got a McDonalds a block away where I can have my children cared for in a tub of balls without being told that my experience there is “Bible Based.”  The healing of my existential problems for being amongst the richest in the world with time to burn on my self image and self pity will have to wait until you add a fourth convenient location half a block away from my house.



  1. I love the way you tagged this post. Now I have to write something that can go under that same tag.

    When you started talking about transmitting messages live to several locations I thought you might have been talking about Bethlehem Baptist, but Piper wouldn’t send out a mailing that didn’t have some allusion to TULIP.


  2. Sorry I missed the point. Can you translate for the old fart?

    Are you saying that this church is preaching a prosperity gospel and not using the scriptures?

    Or are you saying that they are only using St. Paul writings and filtering the Gospel through it or what?


  3. Tom,

    The main point was that this brochure could just as well have been an invitation to see Opera. I didn’t quite quote the whole booklet which amounted essentially to a “come and hear these messages to start feeling real good about your house, career, marriage, self-image etc…”

    A play on the “Health and Wealth Gospel” essentially. And they actually didn’t use St. Paul’s writings but a quote of Jesus’ from St. John’s Gospel. I suppose it ended up being a conglomerate rant on most mega-church-desire and consumer driven-self help kind of churches.


  4. Tony,

    ” I suppose it ended up being a conglomerate rant on most mega-church-desire and consumer driven-self help kind of churches.”

    Yes, but, it had all the things a first rate rant ought to have: anger, strong rhetoric, the occasional rabbit trail – I laughed, cried – It was indeed better than Cats.



  5. Besides, there are plenty of Evangelicals who don’t preach such nonsense. I never mean “Evangelical” in a (merely) derogatory way. N. T. Wright claims to be an Evangelical.


  6. The photo does indicate that they could have quite a bit of religious art on the walls. I wouldn’t have know it was a church if you had just shown the photo with no context. Interesting and thanks for the feedback.


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