Dear Pluralist,

Dear Pluralist,

I seem to recall that at a point recently you indicated that you were done identifying yourself with Anglicanism.  Luckily that turned out to be merely an exasterbated cry.  Those of us who follow you know that you just can’t seem to get the Anglican blood out of your system.  I’m sure it has something to do with being liberal or inclusive or about compromising…or being bored…or secretly desirous of wearing long purple cassocks.

So it was with joy that I continued to read your perpetual angst about the state of a church you no longer identify yourself with and was glad to be rid of.  I noted especially a recent article that you published on Episcopal Cafe on the Silence of the Shepherds.  Oh how glorious the self righteous piety flowed in the article.  You alone are left amongst the righteous, the prophet of the age, the lone non-Anglican who stands against Anglican butchery.

I seem to recall also something about a dead horse.  Apparently the Archbishop of Canterbury is not the intensely humble and deeply spiritual man he says that he is, so I’m glad I got the truth from you.  The real truth as you so convincingly demonstrate is that Rowan is secretly a tyrannical, power mongering, homophobic turncoat who has abandoned the gay Christians he once supported.  He obviously is hell bent on “centralizing” the Communion and “oppressing” homosexuals, and Poperizing his See, and sending black robed-white collared infantry to Uganda to get started on the gay killing spree.

This is obvious from his silence.  It seems that Bishops and Archbishops have a job:  And that job is to connect their brains to a Google News Search and daily Pronounce and Proclaim about every international topic that tickles your moral toes.  “Proclaim Proclaim Proclaim, that’s the way to change” is what I always say.

It certainly has nothing to do with mutually sustaining relationships of trust whereby one Bishop trusts in the Spirit to guide the moral discernment of another Bishop being united by One Spirit rather than pushing ones rich western white colonial ass around.  It certainly doesn’t have anything to do with keeping things private in an age of perpetual pornographic availability and public (and uneducated) scrutiny.  You obviously have been right all along, Rowan and now even the Presiding Bishop have really been in league all along with the Africans to turn the Communion into a Fascist regime’ of silky purple robed homo-killers.

Or, then again – you could be completely misreading the situation

*UPDATE* – Now also this “Speaking Out” by the Presiding Bishop – one of her best methinks



*P.S. for Readers that might not “get” it.  I in no way at all endorse the possible legislation in Uganda concerning homosexuals and I do not find it an unimportant issue.  This is about the Pluralist’s essay not the Ugandan situation*


  1. There we go again, I have not idea who is taking a position on what. All I know is the Tony is being a bit cynical.

    In my neighborhood, there is a huge Evangelical Episcopal church and an Episcopal Seminary. They dominate one coffee shop in town. I encounter many of them. And they just split with the Episcopal church to form their Anglican group so they can stay anti-gay and preserve the many other true doctrines in their faith.

    My wife and I stay away from that crew as much as we can — they are viewed as aggressively rabid by many in our town.


  2. I am glad you understand. It was bad enough that they were in our face with evangelism, but now they actually brag about holding out against homosexuals to a community that feels they are barbaric.

    We’d have two families from that church have their kids stop playing with ours after discovering we were not only not-Christian but that we were very comfortable not being Christian.

    Lovely group.


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