12 Propositions…#3

Tony Sig

In order for the Incarnation to make any sense, the Virgin Birth is indispensable



  1. I think the evidence from the Scripture is that this proposition probably doesn’t stand up. Otherwise I’d expect to see more interest in the subject, or at least some reflection on it from Paul, for example.
    The mechanics of incarnation seem far less important than the fact of incarnation.
    I’d be interested to know what the background to your proposition is. I know your site well enough to know that it’s not some mimsy attitude to sex, at least.


    1. ++Eileen,

      Aw come on…I was totally gonna say it was my mimsy attitude to sex.

      Well it’s been a long time to get here for me. Last year I had a far more ambiguous relationship to this doctrine. I think that in that year I’ve come to believe that to scandalize my skeptical ‘scientific’ mind is not anything that most of Christian speculative dogmatics doesn’t do. So believing in it as a doctrine has become easier.

      Also, the Gospels interpret it that way pretty clearly. Not least in the Matthean version.

      Add to the Gospels the almost uniform tradition of the Church Fathers and Mothers use of Isaiah 7.14 and it’s fundamental inclusion in the Creeds and it seems that Tradition is strongly behind it.

      It is also fitting that Mary’s voluntary “Yes” is the means whereby the Word became Incarnate.


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