12 Propositions…#6

Tony Sig

If Isaiah 7.14 is speaking about Jesus (and it is), then Plato, in Book II, discussing the end of “The Just Man” is also speaking about Jesus.

“The ‘Just Man’ will have to endure the lash, the rack, chains, the branding-iron in his eyes, and finally, after every extremity of suffering, he will be crucified…” – Plato, Republic bk.II.362



  1. Justin Martyr argued much the same in his First Apology. He wrote of the “Logos Spermatica” – the seed of the word – scattered throughout created space and time. We can expect to see signs of that seed all around. Justin sees it in the Greek philosophers.


  2. Reed,

    Well, following C.S. Lewis, who himself was following a host of various historical Church figures, such as Justin Martyr whom Fr. Matt pointed out above, I see it more as the way that Christ, as the Word incarnate, was very much the “fulfillment” of a great many of the world “myths.”

    So Plato, being himself a student of virtue and of ‘mankind,’ could by reflective and intellectual means, accurately “forsee” how a perfectly virtuous man would be received by an unvirtuous world.


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