‘Nough Said



  1. “Dude, who under 30 still watches late night?
    Hulu up John and Stephen when you get the urges for wry social commentary like the rest of us.”

    HA HA – oh, and I agree – not only do services like Hulu and Netflix give you an immediate fix, but you can avoid all of the obnoxious advertising.


  2. I watch Conan’s first half pretty consistently. Sorry if I like the comfort of my couch and large screen to the awkward position and tiny screen of my computer.


  3. So i should pay a crapload of money for a system I won’t use to game? Xbox sucks except for Halo anyway. If I spent the $ it would be for a Wii


  4. Dude, PS3 is more than a game console. It is the best blue ray player on the market. It is compatible with Windows 7 and will network with every PC/Laptop in your house. You can stream media from the Sony store by purchase or rental. You can use it as a back up for your pictures, movies, etc.

    Unless you play a ton of console games, XBOX 360 does suck. So, avoid it.


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