Romans Against Pat Robertson

Tony Sig

The sheer amount of utter bullshit that has come out of Pat Robertson’s mouth over the course of his life is a shocking and insurmountable summit of filth.  (This little site is handy for getting a tiny grasp on just some things that have been caught by the public.  There must surely be more not to mention the “great darkness” hidden in his mind.)

Pat Robertson’s most recent comments make John Piper’s about Lutherans and homosexuals look like childs play.  Indeed, he has outdone his contemptable statements concerning the 9-11 terrorist attacks.  In response to the practically unspeakable tragedy in Haiti, some 100,000 people dead, not to mention the absolute poverty, Pat Robertson blames the earthquake (and the long standing poverty) on Haiti “making a pact with the devil.”

In the first chapter of Romans, St. Paul builds an argument which is intended to lock up all of humanity, both Jew and Greek, into a position of mutual need.  Because there are some who said ‘We know that God’s judgement on those who do such things is in accordance with truth.’ 2.2 We might rightly fit Pat Robertson’s many many many statements of condemnation linking current events to “just judgement” into this category.  But St. Paul will have none of it: ‘Do you imagine, whoever you are, that when you judge those who do such things and yet do them yourself, you will escape the judgement of God?’ 2.3

Pat Robertson would do well to shut up and never speak again!  Let us pray and also give for the people of Haiti.  My own parish has a relationship with churches and schools there, pray for us that we may be able to help.



  1. Sabio,

    Thanks? :0)

    I imagine that means that you feel like I am a reasonable person with which to talk?

    What would an “honorary atheist” award look like?

    Oh, and you should know, I have also been awarded honorary “Black man” status by some of my students.



  2. That little letter may be cute but it is loaded with equally common sense religious nonsense like Robertson generates.

    It says:

    * God doesn’t hurt people (Bible says otherwise)

    * Devil helps unbelievers to deceive them (glamour, beauty, talent, wealth, fame, glory)

    * Devil hurts in afterlife

    * Devil creates lures capitalist fruit

    So we walk away saying God does not do that, but the Devil does other stuff. All of it is hogwash. How can you truly expect to fight that stuff if you condone using these sort of weapons?


  3. Yeah, maybe I am a little sensitive. I see patients who debate about Satan’s work in their life and in their suffering. I occasionally am dumb enough to listen to radio preachers and hear that nonsense there. It may be satire but I’m not sure if someone wrote in who believes that stuff – sounds like it to me. Or maybe it is my familiarity with lots of Americans that do. Nonsense is everywhere, eh?


  4. Seriously, Tony, just take a survey of what your readers believe about Satan. Any powers, any influence, any demons … But then, this is an uncomfortable subject for most people to be forthright with. It is as if their beliefs almost embarrass themselves.


  5. I dunno Sabio, it’s from a secular newspaper from here in Minneapolis that is referencing old devil myths. I don’t think the writer “believes” in any of it. Or at least it’s not something one can take away from the article as it is.


  6. Sabio, it’s just a clever inversion of Robertson’s absurd claim. It just makes the point that often the people who most prosper in this world are the one’s who actually do the ‘evil’, rather than the other way round, which implies that maybe Robertson’s little money-making empire may not be as righteous as he says. I agree with Tony, it’s a literary sleight of hand, and totally not literal.


  7. Oh man, I’m so glad you guys brought this up.

    He and Rush Limbaugh have both said some really quite reprehensible things in response to Haiti.

    I was fuming about it when I saw it on the news, but I dunno, I thought writing this up (at least in my usual style) would only piss people off more.

    I just can’t grasp how he can segue from the pact with the devil stuff to, oh yeah, send me money for Haiti relief.

    There are plenty of great humanitarian org’s you can donate too. Leave this crazy old man to his own devices.



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