12 Propositions…#10-12

Tony Sig

I promise that I didn’t forget about the last three.  But everybody started posting stuff and I didn’t want to overwhelm all you readers.  So here are the final three Propositions, mostly more reflections on the Christian calendar, which I have been meditating on a lot lately.

#10)  Advent and Pentecost are both perpetual seasons that in some form or another can and should frame or inform our celebrations and fasts for the other seasons.

#11)  The Calendar is a living Catechism both on the text of the Gospels and on the Christian life

#12)  Sufjan Stevens is the second greatest artist of the last decade and a paradigm shifter on how music will be made and performed in the future



  1. He really is (a musical genius). I just went to a show of his and he played a bunch of new songs; they are all like 10 minute abstract rock operas! The guy barely touched anything but his electric guitar. Radically different stuff than Michigan and Illinois, definitely different than The BQE. He’s a chameleon.

    Plus he started his own record company, he takes bands under his wing…If a “Gift” can be given, it is Sufjan to the music industry.


    1. Sabio,

      On #10 and #11 I’m not so sure it’s aesthetic so much as it is a theoretical speculation on the nature of the Church Calendar. There is a certain amount of aesthetic involved in most discussions of liturgy, but I think that our aesthetics often say things about underlying theological positions.

      And on #12, here are a few links to his stuff. Chicago,and John Wayne Gacy Jr. should be good enough to get you started


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