I Made a Huge Mistake…

I walked into a picturesque local bookstore on the University campus and discovered, much to my surprise, a rather fine selection of historical the systematic theology.  I walk by this place every day!  Between this and Loome – the country’s largest used theological bookstore – I’m going to go broke!



  1. Yeah, dude, the book house is awesome. Actually, the last time I stopped there was when we met for lunch. She has improved the selection a lot in the past few years. A gem of a place for theology/philosophy and pretty good for biblical studies too.


  2. It really was a pleasant surprise. Normally when I’ve been in used book stores they might by accident have an old copy of a Bultmann book or something but they had like, Harnack, Schillebeecxs, Augustine, etc… A truly delightful selection, and only a few bucks more than Amazon; I’ll pay a couple extra to support a local book shop any day!


  3. Julia used to work there!

    We have tons of books (many we’ll never read) because she got a discount. She’s also the reason the place got more organized. You should have seen it *before* she worked there.

    And I’d visit The Podium guitar shop just down the block sometimes when she was really on a used-book kick, as I can only take so much.

    Ahhh… memories.



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