Advice For the Church of England

Tony Sig

I’ll make this short and sweet.

The Episcopacy is Universal.

The Episcopacy is Geographical.

The Episcopacy is NOT ideological

So pick one or the other.  Either you are going to let ladies be Bishops and suffer the consequences internally OR wait for now and do so at a later date.

If you sacrifice universality or geography you change the meaning of the Episcopacy.  It’s not that I don’t think accomodating difference is unimportant, I most certainly do.  But, I’m convinced that you’d drastically shift the meaning of having a Bishop if you created non-geographical diocese’.

That is all.

One Comment

  1. We already have what they call “Flying Bishops” here in Britain: they look after the people who get themselves into a flap over women priests. ‘Tis most peculiar … but the Anglican/Episcopalian church is most peculiar…


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