The Last Rainbow — An Apocalyptic


NOTE: It’s Lent, people; it’s supposed to be depressing.


No one remembers

When the last rainbow appeared.

Was it after that last oil spill?

The one that finally did the ocean in?

Was it after the last mountain was leveled?

Or when the last hill was slit open?

When the last of the mineral wealth was stolen?

Was it after the last forest was paved over?

After the last marsh was converted to overflow parking?

Or was it just before that delicate, unknown moment

When the scales were tipped ever so slightly,

And the air became so pregnant with poison

That that very last persistent little bird

Could not lift her petrol-slick wings in flight?

When did we break that age-old treaty

Between God and all humankind–

When God promised not to destroy the earth?

When did we take it upon ourselves

To do that which God would not do?

The last rainbow happened decades ago.



  1. James,

    I have always appreciated your post-apocalyptic twist on life. Furthermore, I think you must know by now that I have no desire to see you change the way you think or see the world. But, call me the ever persistent optimist, call me the perennial ostrich with his head stuck in the sand, call me whatever you like – I just don’t think it’s going to get that bad. Perhaps I watched too much Star Trek as a child?

    @ John,

    Is this a John we know? I was just going to blow it off as coincidence, but the Dartmouth panels are hard to ignore.


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