1. George,

    “If word of this gets out, I’m going to lose my job. LOL”

    Is that a “ha ha, I made a joke, and now I’m laughing” lol, or is that a nervous lol (nlol)?


  2. George,

    Thanks for being a good sport. I lifted the pic off your amazon reviews. Feel free to profane my face on your site any time you like


  3. James:

    Not nervous…yet.


    I would if I knew how to do that. Unfortunately, I’m not that tech savvy…yet.


    Yes. That was only one of three walls, however. Jealous?



  4. George,

    I look forward to being the impetus behind your learning something new.


    George just has 10-20 years’ head start on us. My wife is already “informing” me that all of my books are not moving with us when we start doctoral work. I have been informing her that I am now entering that place where I need to read 3-5 books a week instead of 3-5 per month. It’s just going to get worse.

    She’s decided my eventual practice of hiding books from her is way better than if I was hiding booze or drugs et al.


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