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Tony Sig

In the coming months I am set to come good on review books that have been sent my way.  By no means do I hope to overwhelm you the readers with an excessive and unnecessary  slew of reviews but all the books I requested I think are pretty swell and I hope that you will be encouraged to look into some of them at least.  After this I will return to a more moderate pace of reviews of around 2-4 per month.

From Westminster John Knox I’ve Kevin Vanhoozer’s The Drama of Doctrine and George Lindbeck’s justly famous “The Nature of Doctrine.”  I’m hoping to have a couple posts that go off of these two concerning possibilities for evangelism, catechesis and unity in light of their work.

From Baker Academic I’ve received the next two books in the “Church and Postmodern Culture” series; the one by John Caputo and the other by Carl Raschke.  This series is ending up slightly different than I expected so they should be interesting reviews.  Also I received a great volume edited by James K A Smith and James H Olthuis entitled “Radical Orthodoxy and the Reformed Tradition: Creation, Covenant and Participation.”

I will bring this book into conversation with the next two books that Routledge sent me, namely their soon to be released introduction to Radical Orthodoxy and the accompanying Reader which I already have.  I will likely use these three books to perhaps explain a bit more what Radical Orthodoxy, conceived broadly, is and how I hope to work within friendly reach of its program.

Eerdmans also sent me a couple both from last year and from this upcoming batch of new releases.  Two books by new prominent Pauline scholars, Michael Gorman’s “Inhabiting the Cruciform God” and Douglas Campbell’s absolutely massive “The Deliverance of God: An Apocalyptic Rereading of Justification in Paul.”  Finally I’ve received the first in what will eventually constitute a three volume collection of essays by now Pope then theologian Joseph Ratzinger comprised mostly of work done for the journal Communio.  This volume deals with issues related to Church Unity and I’ve found it a stellar and quick read.

So there you have it, look forward to these coming soon!



  1. Tony:

    I’m the editor of a magazine with 30,000+ in circulation, a prolific blogger, and a reviewer of over 100 books on Amazon.

    I get free books every now and then, but nothing like what you’re receiving.

    What’s your secret?



  2. George makes a good point, the sheer volume of free books is jealousy-inducing!
    I am very much looking forward to these reviews, especially of the larger books (Van Hoozer and Campbell in particular), as I have too much going on to read them in the foreseeable future.

    Stop reading this and start reading those books.


  3. George,

    Well I have a reasonably standard email that I send out which explains where I blog, its relationship both to the Christian Century Blog Network and the Christian Century’s official blog Theolog. I then explain that our blog is “academically minded” and is followed mostly by pastors, educators, students and intelligent lay people. Then I request specific books with ISBN #, title of work and author.

    I sign it “thank you for any consideration,” have my contact information at the end and that’s pretty much it.

    It has been an interesting ride. Some, such as Eerdmans, were quite hard sells. I had two requests that went unanswered. But then one day randomly in the mail, months later, I received both the books I requested and an additional one I had not!

    Once I review a book I always notify their contact person(s) and provide a link to the review, thanking them once again.

    Some have been quite generous, such as Baker Academic. I’m prepared for the books to dry up at any point so I try not to get too emotionally attached so that I can handle it if they don’t send more 🙂

    Also I send them pictures of myself in swim suits.



  4. adhunt,

    I actually just recently heard Vanhoozer speak; it was one of the best rhetorical performances that I have ever seen in my life. It was at the Wheaton Theology Conference with NTW. His speech propelled me to buy a book of his at the conference (Trinity in a Pluaralistic Age). Good stuff…

    (You actually can access the video here: http://www.wheaton.edu/wetn/lectures-theology10.htm)

    The selctions of texts that you are going to read are pretty heady stuff. I think that is awesome. You may want to accent it with some Donne, or something like that; give it a poetic dimension. Just a thought.


  5. I’m afraid I’m much too ashamed of my exterior to go the swimsuit route but I had just been planning a few review requests. Now I know the recipe for success – thanks.


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