Life After Death?

“As long as theology and church know how to portray for believers only the threat of death and life this side of death, even the most pious will be tempted to cast longing glances at the pictures supplied by superstition. Our theological silence virtually forces believers out into the syncretistic marketplace of impossible possibilities.

And all the while, when it comes to the question of hope, Christian faith itself is anything but reticent, anything but devoid of images. Christian hope does not project itself into an empty and indefinite future from an indifferent starting point. When faith begins to hope, it already starts with a very particular past, a past which contains the future within itself and which is determinative for time and eternity. Everything for which we Christians hope is based in the story of Jesus Christ, in his earthly life, his death, and his resurrection.”

Life after Death? A Response to Theology’s Silence about Eternal Life (PDF)
By: Eberhard Jüngel (1989)
Trans: Frederick J. Gaiser
11/1 1991 Word and World

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