Pterodactyl, a decidedly un-theological, but not un-ideological short story

I wrote a short story that was published…sort of.  I will warn you now that it is completely godless, and has absolutely nothing to do with the stated purpose of this blog, so forgive my self-indulgence:

Pterodactyl by James Stambaugh on Danse Macabre du Jour

(If it is no longer the top story scroll down to the May 9th entry).



  1. …and I’m not sure what’s “untheological” about having God speak as a Pterodactyl; there may even be some latent Eucharistic theology in there somewhere. 😉


  2. I was thinking the “four pentecostals turned episcopalian discussing the church, theology, unorthodoxy, the arts, pipe smoking and craft beer” tag line, but now that I think about it we’ll throw this one in the arts category, though that just makes it more self-indulgent.


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