School Days, School Days

Well … Fall Semester has started for me.  I’m taking both Greek and Latin prose, Greek and Roman Mythology and Astronomy.  Theoretically I should spend six hours a night in homework!  Obviously that can’t happen, but I’ve found myself happily anxious to attack my school work with vigour and ever so slightly bothered that I have very very little time left over for the blog.  I have a few ideas swimming around but I’m finding myself unprepared to put an hour into a blog entry when I really ought to be finding out if that’s a freakish participle or some odd subjunctive in Lysias.

But I will have a tiny bit of time this weekend so look forward to a rather exciting post about recent developments at my parish.  For now, you have one less opinionated late twenty-something to read talk on topics he knows nothing about.





  1. Don’t mind James, Tony. He still lapses into the “A/G guilt” thing every once in a while. Focus on your studies. Let’s not forget which drives the other (education and writing I mean) – good luck!!


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