“Hello Seeker-Movement, I’m the Mainline”

“The man next to you on the London-to-Edinburgh train going north, wired up to his laptop and his mobile simultaneously: issuing instructions about hiring, firing, sidelining, expanding here and reducing here, letting so and so in on the latest developments, leaving so and so out of them, making cautious inquiries concerning new development opportunities, closing down an unprofitable field before it sinks too many resources.  Yes, he may well be a systems manager for an information technology firm.  Or, he may equally well be a Baptist minister…” John Milbank, Stale Expressions

Or, he may be an Episcopal priest…sigh.

Vestries need to listen to the marketplace, the broader context in which the congregation operates. I read three dozen market-based reports every day and am impressed with how much good data and trend spotting are available. Listen to people’s needs.”

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