My Continuing Debt to +N.T. Wright

Tony SigWhile it was William Barclay who first got me excited about the Scriptures, his commentaries generally stay shelved (though I still make recourse to those lovely gems).  Rather, I am quick to grab something of +Wright’s anytime I have an itch.  Be it the Christian Origins Series (the Paul book cannot come fast enough), his incredibly dense but rewarding The Climax of the Covenant or his own Barclay’esque New Testament for Everyone commentaries (there used to be a page where you could subscribe to the series and get a book or two a month, but I can’t find it).  I have yet to procure his commentary on Romans and I’ve hesitated to get his “little” Paul books with his larger one pending.

My debt becomes especially clear when Easter rolls around.  Reading his Resurrection book was no easy task, his middle section on Paul was at times laborious, but that and Surprised by Hope first suggested that perhaps Easter is the single most important celebration of the Christian year and the key to the Gospel – as opposed to a single-minded focus on the Crucifixion.  As the last few years have come and gone, tired and stressed though I always am from school, I find myself anticipating the Easter celebrations and welling up with overwhelming joy at the first Alleluias after Lent and at the proclamation that  “Alleluia. Christ is risen! – The Lord is risen indeed. Alleluia!”

So this is sort of a fluff post, but I was compelled merely to note that I find myself extremely grateful to the good bishop every Easter.



  1. sign my name, too.

    He is the only Christian theologian to completely re-orient my perspective. Others have given me stuff to think about, and I greatly admire many – but it is Bishop Wright that has illuminated my vision of the faith, our faith.


  2. I’m a deep admirer of N. T. Wright, and I am especially proud that such a well-respected biblical scholar and defender of the Church’s faith is an Anglican bishop (Lord knows we’ve had many other bishops who have not exactly been defenders of the faith!). After reading Simply Christian, Surprised By Hope, The Resurrection of the Son of God, and After You Believe, Bishop Wright has re-introduced me to the heart of the Christian faith in ways that have captured my imagination and renewed my commitment to Jesus Christ and the ordained ministry. I think his work on the resurrection of Jesus and the Christian hope – and why they matter for how we live in the present – is immensely important for moral and pastoral theology, as well as for how we understand the Church’s mission.


  3. I was very fortunate to see his Grace, Bishop Wright in Dallas at a seminar recently. He is one of the VERY few famous people on the planet that I would love to spend an evening with.

    May God continue to bless him in his return to academia.


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