Status Update

Greetings Readers,

It’s been a slow summer for me, even though it started out with a bang with that epic beer post.  I’ve been spending lots of time with my family and tons on house projects as well.  It’s been very rewarding but it’s made for bad blogging.  Rather soon I have a book review coming of Mark McIntosh’s intro to theology, which is a spectacular book; and I have a few other posts in the works.

 (Here’s a look at the fence I’ve been building from an old deck.)

I’ve been reading +Arthur Michael Ramsey, Sergii Bulgakov and Flannery O’Connor for the most part, and have played around with the Latin of St. Augustine’s Confessions, book X.

In July, I’ll be attending the Ekklesia Gathering and am oh so very excited to meet Joey Aszterbaum, aka “The Charismanglican.”

In the Fall I’ll be beginning my Senior Project at the University of Minnesota examining the political theology of the Apostolic Fathers.  Advanced Latin will be in Tacitus and Greek, Book I of Plato’s Republic.  Hopefully I’ll be graduating in the Spring and will be applying to the MA at the University of Minnesota in the Fall, hoping to focus on the social thought of St. John Chrysostom.

At Church, I’ve become a Verger and an Acolyte trainer.  Perhaps more importantly, in August or September I’ll be officially starting the discernment process for Holy Orders in the Episcopal diocese of Minnesota.  Prayers are sought!

It’s a small readership we have, but a loyal and intelligent one.  Peace to you this Summer.



  1. Love that you’re reading Ramsey, Bulgakov and O’Connor, all while building a fence in the summer. Sounds like the beginning of an O’Connor story.


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