Winter 2011/2012

Tony SigThe laws of nature are a rock.
But rocks also wither away.
The water seeps into the cracks,
Freezes, expands, and hews a block
That falls — So nothing stone can stay.

Hiems est Glacialis Pax
As God himself took sabbath rest,
So cities need a time to sleep,
And countries can’t work all year ’round.
It seems Autumn this year thought best
To hurry on, avoiding deep
Winter’s abiding voice, the Sound
Of which can call the World to cease:

Be still! O Streets, and join the growing hush.
Bow low! O Trees, under the heavy load
As snow moves in to cover Earth below
With thick and weighty air, as if to crush
All hopes of restless, moving, ceaseless, rush.

This year both Fall and Spring contrived
To steal away my Lady’s pride.
They sought in doing so to hold
At bay the threat of deathly mold.
The fools! Whoever heard new life
To rise immortal without strife?
Remember Eos asking Zeus
To make, undying, Tithonus?
She should have asked for endless youth!


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