About Us

We are three theological students steadily transitioning from various pentecostal backgrounds into this worldwide communion called Anglicanism.  One of us writes from Minneapolis/St. Paul MN and two from Albuquerque NM. While our opinions may vary, our passions remain the same: community, communion, craft beer and a decent briarwood pipe.

tony Tony Hunt (adhunt) is currently finishing his undergrad at the U of MN, a double major in Greek and Latin, and is married to his lovely wife Jen with whom he has 2 children, Amelie and Marguerite. Tony grew up an A/G minister’s son and is eventually hoping to teach at a Seminary or start a catholic anglican hippie commune. He enjoys music, good beer, Ecumenism and cooking as well as studying both Historical and Philosophical Theology. [email Tony] or [follow him on twitter].
james James Stambaugh (jstambaugh) graduated from North Central University in 2005. He lives and works in Albuquerque, NM along with his beautiful wife, and newborn son; they worship at St. John’s Episcopal Cathedral where he teaches Sunday school, serves chalice, and is the newest member of the Altar Guild. He has also begun the discernment process for becoming a priest in the Episcopal Church; he hopes to be doing parish ministry and/or social justice work in the not too distant future. He enjoys languages, libations, librum, and liberation theology. [email James]
Shawn Shawn Wamsley is the “old guy” of the group at 33 and has earned B.A., M.A., and M.Div. degrees. He lives near Albuquerque, NM with his wife and three children. He has taught for ten years.  He has recently started the discernment process for ordination in the Episcopal Church, and is shopping for PhD programs – though, he cannot yet decide if he wants to chase the professoriate or the Dean’s chair.  His interests include teaching, writing (trying to finish a novel), philosophy (amateur), video games, and theology. [email Shawn].